B2B Writer, Content Strategist, and Idea Developer

You know your brand inside and out. But you just don’t have the time (or energy!) to write the words that inspire B2B buyers to act.

That’s where I come in!

I’ll bring a fresh perspective and best practices to help you develop a spark of an idea into website copy, case studies, white papers, ebooks, and other assets.

My process usually works something like this:

1) I review your existing copy to get a sense of your messaging. (Already have messaging or persona docs? Terrific! Data about past performance? SWOON.)

2) I ask lots of questions so I can understand your target customer, their needs, and your business goals.

3) We work together to develop a content brief (short and sweet!) that makes sure we’re on the same page about deliverables, whether that’s a single piece of content or a larger strategy.  (This part is fun, I promise.)

4) I work with you (or your SMEs) to articulate what you’re trying to say. (This is my expertise. I speak Conversational Engineer.)

5) We go through reviews and polishing, then we’re ready for publishing!

6) Finally, I can help you adapt that one big idea into a whole series of content for all your audiences and platforms.

I work at the intersection of Content Strategy and good writing. I love a good pun, and I fight for the Oxford comma. Whether you need help with the words or a full content strategy, let’s talk.