Content Strategy

Why Stories

Storytelling is what makes us who we are. Stories connect us with others, unite us for causes and carry on traditions. Whether it was cavemen gathered around a fire or painting on stone or Millennials oversharing on Facebook, we inherently share stories.

Stories are also how we sell things, from the earliest marketing campaigns onwards. And after decades of often one-sided ads driven by Madison Avenue, digital media are bringing us back to our storytelling roots.

I’m a digital strategist with IBM, where I weave stories about information management and big data. Working with product managers, I help identify the right audience and and create messages to share across the digital world.

Too often, marketers get lost among tweetchats and conversion rates and forget about the stories that will resonate with their audiences. But at the core of every campaign, marketers should ask ourselves, “Does this story resonate? Does it matter to my target? Do I know who I’m even targeting — and why?”

Through this blog, I intend to explore how marketers can use digital content to tell their stories. I’ll react to new digital marketing trends, review book and look at how companies can improve their image by better connecting with consumers or constituents.

Follow me on Twitter @CrystaAnderson or connect with me on LinkedIn and share your stories!

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