Content Strategy

Defining a Company

Defining a Company“Who are you with? What do you do?”

I heard these questions a lot when I left IBM – a well-established centenarian brand – for SpotMe.

Building your brand and gaining name recognition are key. Potential customers want assurance they’re doing business with a stable, established company. But they also want to know a bit about your personality.

Think about IBM as a brand. What comes to mind? Before my prior company, Initiate Systems, was acquired by IBM in 2010, I already knew who IBM was: established, Big Blue, and largely respected.

But when I joined SpotMe, it took a few conversations with my new colleagues to really gain that same understanding.

As Director of Content, one of my first tasks was to define and standardize the brand. With 14 years of history, largely under the radar, I heard many different stories, but also some commonalities.

Through revisions, I developed SpotMe’s first executive summary, capturing our market, our voice, and our differentiators. While I originally used generic, blind case studies, I found that concrete stories helped paint a much clearer picture. We went for bold, fun language, which resonate with customers in the events space.

The resulting overview (available here) will certainly evolve as the market and customer needs change. But having a better response to “Who are you with? What do you do?” should help tremendously.


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