Content Strategy

Beware… Humans?

Sign design is inherently tricky. How do you swiftly convey a message that someone can absorb quickly? It can’t distract from traffic. Sometimes you can’t use words. And what happens when you’re using a street sign to introduce a brand-new concept?SharedStreet.jpg

Behold the Argyle Street “Shared Street”signage. This new mixed-use concept removes curbs, melding sidewalks with the street to encourage co-existence among pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists.

DNAInfo has a nice recap of how the concept has evolved, and how nearby residents and shoppers (and drivers and pedestrians) have adjusted.

I’m not quite sure how I’d design a better sign, but at first blush, it looks vaguely like menacing zombies are leading the way for an oncoming car. And there’s a biker about to be mowed over.

How would you design this sign instead?



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