Content Strategy

New Year, New Focus

One of my 2017 goals is to write more, for me. I’ve always been happiest when I’m writing every single day, but throughout my career, when most of that writing is happening at work, I feel something is missing. Professionally, daily writing is the dream! I get to flex my skills and play with words and watch how they work. And in my current agency role, I’m writing about a huge variety of topics – from electrical connectors and conveyor belts to nuclear pharmaceuticals and bariatric surgery – so there’s always something new.

But the more I write at work, the less I write for me. Sure, I jot snippets in my ever-present notebook, transcribe interesting snippets and my thoughts into vaguely organized Google Docs… but that’s it. It’s time to develop those snippets a bit more.

This year, I vow to use this platform more. I’ve updated it with my new name as I evolve from my maiden Anderson into a married  “Vesely.” I’ll write about the intersection of writing, marketing, and design – and how they promote the customer experience (or, how they fail at doing so – especially when the results are amusing).



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