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Visualizing Data: Beyond “Chartjunk”

Day-ta. Daaah-ta. Dat-um? However you pronounce (or pluralize) it, big data is making even bigger headlines. While many businesses are finding better and cooler ways to actually use this data to become more efficient or solve problems, a disconnect remains: how can the average person really take advantage of a plethora of petabytes? The most… Continue reading Visualizing Data: Beyond “Chartjunk”

Book Reviews

Book Review: Too Big to Ignore: The Case for Big Data

I’ve watched big data surge as an industry in the last year or so, and have learned a lot along the way. While on the big data journey, I met Phil Simon through Twitter, and have traded links and stories with him ever since. He sent me a copy of his book, Too Big to Ignore: The Case for Big Data, and asked for my in-the-trenches opinion. As a non-technical person thrust into the weeds of big data, this book helped me better understand where the phenomenon came from, how it ties into prior technologies, and where it may be headed.