Content Strategy

MAYA: Reconciling customer wants versus needs

It happens every day: Someone has an idea for something new and flashy, and suddenly it's off to the races - a new gizmo gets designed or developed, or even launched. But if you take the time to actually think through your customer's needs, you might save a lot of heartache (and money). Flipping through the annals… Continue reading MAYA: Reconciling customer wants versus needs

Content Strategy

Careful Curation for Quick Content

Sometimes, you don't have time to write a full-on blog post. But when an editorial calendar dictates publishing a post, curated content can help fill the gap between longer thought leadership. A well-designed editorial calendar will blend original thought leadership, company/product news, and responses to curated content. Doing so provides a steady flow of diverse content… Continue reading Careful Curation for Quick Content

Content Strategy

When Content Isn’t Enough: A Shift to Thought Leadership

While marketers sing a chorus of "Content, content, content!" many B2B buyers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new blog posts, infographics, tweets, and other bits and bobs. This steady stream of stuff is useful for gaining exposure and brand recognition, but it often fails to generate leads or sales. That's why a renewed focus on true thought leadership warms my writer's heart.